Ghana (Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration) Rector Of GIMPA Reiterates His Commitment To Fighting Sexual Harassment Of Both Students And Staff

The Rector of GIMPA, Prof. Samuel Kwaku Bonsu has reiterated his commitment to fighting sexual harassment of students.

‘We hear of rumours of staff aggressively pursuing students and vice versa. This is unacceptable and anyone being pursued aggressively should report to me directly,’ he said.

‘If any lecturer puts sexual pressure on any of you here, you know where to find me, let me know, and I will protect your identity and ensure that you are not victimized. You will be protected to enable you to pursue your programme in peace,’ he added.

He made the statement at the 22nd matriculation of students of the Greenhill and Tema satellite campuses.

Matriculants from the remaining satellite campuses; Takoradi and Kumasi will also have theirs on October 13, 2022, and October 15, 2022, respectively.

A total of 750 students took the matriculation oath which was administered by the Secretary of the Institute, Mrs Victoria Kunbour at the main Greenhill Campus in Accra. By taking the oath, the students have become junior members of the Institute.

The freshmen were matriculated to pursue various degree programmes in five schools namely: Business School, School of Public Service and Governance, School of Liberal Arts and Social Science, Law School and the School of Technology.

Prof. Samuel Kwaku Bonsu welcomed the students and indicated that GIMPA was different in many ways with regard to the approach of teaching and urged them to work together to bring the desired results for both parties.

He further reiterated the three main principles which he had expressed to freshmen during last year’s matriculation which were:

‘Expect to be transformed; Build your own community within the GIMPA community, and Shine the GIMPA light.’

He further assured the students of the Institute’s readiness to provide a conducive environment for effective teaching and learning and urged them to also do their part by eschewing all forms of academic dishonesty and striving to earn their certificates in a truthful manner.

‘You should endeavour to go through the right process and not attempt to cheat for grades. Academic dishonesty is in direct contrast to the values that GIMPA espouses. Therefore, students caught engaging in the act will receive the worst punishment,’ he stressed.

The students were again welcomed by the Deputy Rector of GIMPA, Prof. Martin Morgan Tuuli who expressed his gratitude to them for choosing GIMPA and assured them that they had made the right decision.

‘We pride ourselves as an Institute that strives for excellence in all our endeavours. You will not regret choosing us,’ he added.
The students also gave their expectations some of which were: a well-stocked library, reliable internet access, a clean environment and a parking space close to lecture halls, among many others.

The event was also attended by Deans, Directors and Heads of departments.

Also present to welcome the students was the SRC president, Mr Andrew Samini.