European University Cyprus (Cyprus) The importance of personality development in a student’s life

Before taking steps to improve, we as students must first comprehend what self-improvement is and how important it is. Self-improvement is frequently best seen as ‘’essentially personal growth or being more well-rounded’’. However, it frequently signifies much more.

“Self-improvement is learning and adopting ways to respond better to others and life situations. This entails practicing professionalism so that you are better in the workplace. It entails being consistently gracious, so you have better personal relationships’’.

Each student should strive to become confident and outgoing person since this will improve the learning process. Personality development is influenced by one’s physical and mental health. Additionally, it is an effort to enhance particular characteristics that influence total personality.

  1. Why should we pursue personal development while in university?

Most of the time, our university life is full of daily obligations, such as work, family, and other time-consuming tasks. Moreover, the courses, assignments, and studying take a lot of time…so it is logical for a student to think why should he/she have to add something else to his/her busy everyday life?

It is worth noting that from the beginning of the student’s life, the purpose should not be only the degree. A student has to dream, be inspired, and be motivated by many things that exist beyond it.

  1. What does personal development include in the student’s life?

Personal development and self-improvement can involve anything that calls for commitment and advances your unique growth and goals during your student’s life. Steps towards the self-improvement path can give you courage, hope, knowledge, health, and interest to pursue much more.

  1. Tips for self-improvement

A student who has increased commitment to achieve his/her goals and raised opportunities for success, he/she can adopt small, tiny habits both inside and outside the university. Some recommended ideas are to join a student club, ask for feedback, find a mentor, read books, listen to podcasts, be a good listener, keep physically and mentally active, etc.

  1. Challenges that keep us away from personal development

The biggest challenge that keeps us away from personal development steps is to compare ourselves with others. We should every time remind ourselves that we can build discipline and achieve too much starting from very small things and celebrating every small, everyday win in our lives. ‘’The only person you should try to be better than is who you were yesterday’’.

It should be added that we want to see big progress in a very short time. The growth mindset needs time to build new habits and patience to see himself/herself being a future leader that can share the vision, and new ideas and inspire more and more people.

As students at the European University Cyprus (EUC), we should feel proud that the university cares about its students. Beyond the knowledge part, it offers a series of skills advancement seminars, student clubs, volunteering activities, career advice, and much more. All these make us better students, and better professionals; full of energy and appetite to offer in our society, to inspire and motivate others and be the leaders of tomorrow.

Successful careers requires life skills. To succeed, students need to have a purpose in life.