Egypt (Damietta University) The university wins a research project for the development of the coast in front of Ras El-Bar

A research team headed by Professor Dr. Hesham Mostafa Al-Asmar, Emeritus Professor at the Department of Geology at the Faculty of Science at Damietta University, won the competition launched by the Ministry of Higher Education and Higher Research on the occasion of the COP27 Climate Conference for Climate Adaptation and Nature Conservation in what was known as the ASRT Green Fund.

In this context, the university submitted on 20/7/2022 a project through the appeal entitled Sustainable Development of the Coastal zone between Ras El Bar and Damietta Harbor in response to sea-level rise and climatic change. Meaning the sustainable development of the coastal area between Ras El Bar and Damietta Port to study sea level rise and climatic changes for the main researcher, Professor Dr. Hesham Mostafa Al-Asmar. The project has gone through all stages of evaluation, as the Academy of Scientific Research initially received 471 proposals, 176 of them were initially accepted, then presented to the technical committees, they were filtered to 94 proposals, and after conducting personal interviews, 43 projects were selected representing 17 public and private universities and 7 institutes. Research and private company with a total funding of 66 million pounds. Dr. Hesham Al-Asmar received the project contract in a meeting yesterday with the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Professor Dr. Mohamad Ayman Ashour, who held a meeting with the winners at the Ministry’s headquarters in the Fifth Settlement. The team working in this project begins with the formation of the first group that includes experts from the university and the Institute of Coastal Studies and Research, including executives and monitors of coastal data and beneficiaries in Damietta Port, in addition to experts in the fields of satellite imagery applications at the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, and experts from Helwan and Mansoura Universities . It has identified 28 research tasks that will be accomplished, and these tasks have been divided into 6 working groups, and each group will work completely independently to provide freedom of work and facilitate follow-up. Professor Dr. El-Sayed Mohamad Dadour, President of the University, on his own behalf and on behalf of the university’s affiliates, wishes all success to the research team headed by Professor Hesham El-Asmar.