Chongqing University (China) Academician Yang Yongbin won the 2022 Li Guohao Original Bridge Technology Award

On November 12, the 25th National Bridge Academic Conference was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, and Professor Yang Yongbin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and honorary dean of the School of Civil Engineering of Chongqing University, won the 2022 Li Guohao Original Bridge Technology Award of Tongji Bridge Education and Research Development Fund for his outstanding achievements and contributions in vehicle-bridge mutual vibration theory for more than ten years.

Yang Yongbin has been engaged in the research of vehicle-bridge mutual vibration theory since the 1990s, and has put forward a series of internationally original academic ideas, including the establishment of efficient vehicle-bridge coupling finite element and dynamic analysis method, proposed a bridge dynamic shock formula considering the vehicle-bridge coupling effect, revealed the “resonance” and “damping” mechanism of high-speed rail bridges by moving trains, and concluded that the bridge span/length ratio with the smallest bridge vibration is 1.5, which has been successfully applied to China, Europe, South Korea, construction of high-speed rail lines in Japan and other countries; It pioneered the theory of identifying bridge frequency, mode shape, damage and other parameters by moving vehicles, and provided innovative theories and technologies for rapid detection and monitoring of bridges. The established academic ideas have laid a solid foundation for the development of bridge vibration mechanism, optimization design, rapid detection and so on. Academician Yang Yongbin initiated the National Symposium on Coupled Vibration and Its Application in China, and has successfully held two consecutive sessions, which has played a key leading role in the development of vehicle-bridge mutual vibration theory.

After the award ceremony, as the winner of the 2022 Li Guohao Original Bridge Technology Award, Academician Yang Yongbin made a report entitled “Several Key Issues of Bridge Vehicle Scanning Method”, focusing on the development status, key problems and countermeasures of original bridge rapid detection technology – vehicle scanning method.

Li Guohao Original Bridge Technology Award was established in 2014, named after Mr. Li Guohao, former president of Tongji University, academician of the two academies, famous bridge engineering expert and educator, aiming to recognize scholars and experts who have made original contributions to bridge technology and methods in structural design, engineering construction, design theory, etc. The award is selected every two years, only one winner is selected at a time, and it has a pivotal position in the bridge engineering community.