Chendu University of Technology (China) The school’s party committee and discipline inspection commission held talks on the collective pre-appointment and clean government talks of newly appointed department-level cadres

In accordance with the spirit of the Regulations of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Selection and Appointment of Party and Government Leading Cadres, and in accordance with the Implementation Rules for the Selection and Appointment of Middle-level Leaders of Chengdu University of Technology, on November 11, 2022, the pre-appointment conversation and integrity conversation meeting of newly appointed department-level cadres of the University was held in the third conference room of the Administration Building. University leaders Gong Hao, Liu Qingyou, Sun Wen, and Huang Tao attended the meeting, and newly appointed department-level cadres attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Liu Qingyou, deputy secretary of the party committee and president of the school.

At the meeting, Huang Tao, deputy secretary of the party committee of the university, read the “Notice on the Appointment and Removal of Gao Hui and Other Comrades” and “The Notice on the Appointment and Removal of Wang Changcheng and Other Comrades.”

Sun Wen, deputy secretary of the school’s party committee and secretary of the discipline inspection commission, gave a talk on clean government to the newly appointed department-level cadres. She asked everyone to take a clear stand and stress politics, continuously strengthen the study of political theory, strengthen theoretical skills, and improve political literacy; It is necessary to be strict with oneself, cultivate healthy tendencies, continuously strengthen the study of party discipline and state law, and ensure that the heart is guarded, the action is stopped, and the bottom line is guarded; It is necessary to earnestly perform the main responsibility and “one post and two responsibilities”, conscientiously grasp the work of party style and clean government in the departments and units, and ensure that “real management is really strict, dare to manage strictly, and long-term management is strict”; Be aware of responsibility, have the courage to take responsibility, and have entrepreneurial feelings and realms; We must dare to struggle, be good at struggle, actively respond to challenges, resist risks, overcome resistance, and resolve contradictions.

Liu Qingyou, deputy secretary of the party committee and president of the school, asked the newly appointed department-level cadres to complete the role change as soon as possible, strengthen theoretical study, and comprehensively improve their ability to perform their missions and tasks; It is necessary to establish a sense of discipline and rules, take on the role of work, and play a leading role; It is necessary to conduct in-depth research, strengthen exchanges, thoroughly understand policies, find out the crux of the problem, and accurately grasp the direction of work; It is necessary to focus on forging the ability and quality that meet the new requirements of the new era, practice the standards of good cadres in the new era, and enhance the ability to promote high-quality development, serve the masses, and prevent and resolve risks; It is necessary to have dedication and service awareness, clarify work responsibilities and task objectives, and hand over a satisfactory answer with practical actions in the new journey of striving for the construction of “double first-class”.

On behalf of the school’s party committee, Gong Hao, secretary of the school’s party committee, put forward five requirements for the newly appointed department-level cadres: First, deeply study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Party, deeply understand the decisive significance of the “two establishments”, faithfully practice the “two safeguards”, and continuously improve political judgment, political comprehension, and political execution; The second is to adhere to the glorious mission of educating people for the party and the country, never forget the original intention of establishing virtue and cultivating people, earnestly implement the major arrangements of the school in place as required, and strive to create a new situation in the development of the school’s cause; The third is to handle the relationship between management, teaching and scientific research work, break the panic of skills, be familiar with the new positions and new work requirements, temper the ability to control complex problems and solve practical problems in practice, and grow into a good cadre as called for by the new era as soon as possible; The fourth is to establish a correct concept of power, always maintain a sense of awe of power, adhere to the fair use of power, use power according to law, use power for civil use, and use power honestly, constantly strengthen the tempering of party spirit, overcome the mentality of luck, do not seek vanity, do not seek vain merit, and do not seek false fame, in order to achieve stability and long-term success; The fifth is to keep in mind the purpose of serving teachers and students wholeheartedly, continuously improve service awareness and action consciousness, make service a value orientation and universal action consciousness, internalize in the heart and externalize in action, and strive to solve difficulties, do practical things and do good things for the majority of teachers and students. He hoped that everyone would take this post adjustment as a new starting point, take the warning reminders and encouragement of the pre-appointment conversation as the driving force, do a good job in various tasks with stricter standards and higher requirements, integrate the pursuit of personal ideals with the development goals of the unit and the school, and contribute wisdom to the school’s comprehensive construction of a high-level university with more obvious advantages and characteristics.