Capital Normal University (China) The Inaugural Meeting Of The Faculty Of Art And The High-End Forum of “China Art Discipline Construction Facing The New Era” Were Held In Our School

On October 29, the inaugural meeting of the Faculty of Art of Capital Normal University and the high-end forum of “Construction of Chinese Art Discipline Facing the New Era” were held in the lecture hall of the laboratory building.

Liu Xiaoming, Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Wang Xudong, Party Secretary of the China Conservatory of Music, Lu Pinjing, Vice President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Xu Rui, Vice President of the Beijing Dance Academy, Liu Zhongxin, Director of the Sports, Health and Art Department of the Municipal Education Commission, and the teaching director of the Art Theory of the Ministry of Education Wang Yichuan, director of the committee, Sun Weike, convener of the Art Theory Discipline Appraisal Group of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, Niu Kecheng, member of the Fine Arts Discipline Appraisal Group of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, Chen Chiyu, professor of the Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Liu Pei, professor of the China Conservatory of Music, Meng Fanhua, secretary of the Party Committee of our school, and principal Fang Fuquan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Dong Zhujuan, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Vice President Ma Ligeng and heads of relevant departments, members of the Art Department Committee, members of the School of Music, Academy of Fine Arts, Chinese Calligraphy Culture Research Institute, Art and Aesthetic Education Research Institute, and teacher and student representatives participated General Assembly. The meeting was presided over by Lei Xingshan, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president.

Meng Fanhua said in his speech that the establishment of the Department of Art is an important reform practice for our school to optimize and integrate resources for the construction of art disciplines. As an academic community established between schools and colleges, the Department of Art will coordinate forces such as the Academy of Fine Arts, the Academy of Music, the Academy of Chinese Calligraphy Culture, the Academy of Art and Aesthetic Education, etc. Concentrate efforts in the field to promote the integration and development of art disciplines, promote the output of high-quality art research and creative achievements, and enhance the comprehensive strength of art disciplines.

Dong Zhujuan read out the “Decision of the Capital Normal University Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Establishment of the Faculty of Art”. Liu Xiaoming, Wang Xudong, Meng Fanhua and Fang Fuquan jointly unveiled the plaque for the Faculty of Art.

Ma Ligeng read the “Notice on the Appointment of the Faculty of Art of the Capital Normal University”, and appointed Wang Desheng as the chairman of the Faculty of Art Committee, Wang Haibin, Ye Peigui, and Li Xuesong as the vice-chairmen, Wang Wen, Wang Ke, Sun Xuefeng, Cai Meng, Niu Kecheng, Qi Xiaochun, Liu Pei and Peng Feng are members.

Fang Fuquan issued letters of appointment to the chairman, vice-chairman and members of the Art Department Committee. Wang Desheng made a statement on behalf of the Faculty, saying that he will follow the construction idea of ​​”co-construction, co-governance, and sharing” to strive to build a high-level art research platform and creation platform, and enhance the overall contribution and influence of our school’s art disciplines. Wang Xudong and Lu Pinjing delivered speeches on behalf of the sister schools.

Liu Xiaoming, on behalf of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, clearly requested that the construction of the Department of Art should implement the study of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to guide the whole process of school aesthetic education practice, and accurately grasp the context of the new era; it should be based on the foundation of educating people, give full play to the professional advantages of the Department of Art, and help Promote the reform and development of aesthetic education in Beijing schools and play a leading role in the cultivation of aesthetic education talents; give full play to resource advantages, broaden new practice channels, create new brands, play the role of think tanks, build firm cultural confidence for young people, practice socialist core values, and achieve A colorful art stage with the value of life.

At the subsequent high-end forum on “Construction of Chinese Art Disciplines for the New Era”, Wang Yichuan, Sun Weike, Niu Kecheng, Xu Rui, Chen Chiyu, Liu Pei and other well-known experts focused on the current urgent issues, practice and research of Chinese art disciplines. The road to the construction of art disciplines, etc., conducted multi-faceted special seminars.