Ghana (Bluecrest University College) BlueCrest hosts the executive director of Cendlos at its second public lecture series

BlueCrest University College held its second public lecture series on Wednesday, October 19th, 2022, following a successful maiden series.

Under the theme “Skills acquisition, a requirement for the youth to thrive in the twenty-first-century marketplace,” the event sought to highlight the essential skillset needed to increase your employability rate in the evolving digital job market and make a positive impact on society.

The event drew over 100 people and was graced by the Kokomlemle Traditional Council, department heads, faculty members, and representatives from numerous universities, colleges, and high schools, including Methodist Senior Girls High School and Accra Technical Training Center.

The institution has made a commitment over the years to preparing students with entrepreneurial skills as well as hosting events and creating forums where industry experts share knowledge and interact with students to improve their knowledge of industry trends while also developing their capacity to be industry-ready.

Mr. Nana Gyamfi Adwabour, Executive Director for CENDLOS, keynote speaker, with extensive relevant academic credentials, addressed the public with numerous keynotes in the fields of ICT, Systems Security, EdTech, and Management.

This Public Lecture outlined the main challenges to be addressed, as well as the roles of government and universities, as well as ICT, Arts, and Innovation, in catalyzing the global transition to a digital world. It also emphasized the importance of STEM/STEAM in promoting deep and collaborative learning in students through curricular integration in EdTech.

Mr. Nana Gyamfi Adwabour discussed the integration of technology and education, as well as personal and national initiatives aimed at supporting young talent and creating more jobs. He reiterated the importance of the youth developing skills interrelated with their career goals and ambitions.

He encouraged young people to use resources such as social media and join youth clubs with like-minded people to sharpen and polish their skills.

On the occasion, students from BlueCrest University College wrote and performed a delightful drama.

After an engaging Q&A session, the floor was opened for a display of works. BlueCrest University College gifted the guest speaker, Mr. Nana Gyamfi Adwabour, a 3D model of the Ghana coat of arms.

Along with numerous other exhibits ranging from robotics and the Internet of things (IoT), Methodist Senior Girls High School students presented how artificial intelligence (AI)-the powered tool can translate between English and any other language and also respond to immediate questions with accurate responses.

In a statement, Dr. Sujith Jayaprakash, the university’s rector, emphasized that the motive of the public lecture is to bring policymakers into our institution to enlighten our students about government initiatives and policies that can empower them when they graduate or want to launch their own businesses.

“The time is now and the future is here, as evidenced by the projects and innovations made by these young people. As such, it is important to encourage and motivate students to develop innovations that will address the issues facing modern society.”