Egypt (Beni-Suef University) The President of Bani Sweif Technological University continues to check out the Aptitude Testing Halls at the university for the year 2022

Dr Mohamed Shoukr Nada, President of Bani Sweif Technological University, checked out the aptitude tests for the General Secondary stage for 2022 at the Egyptian-Korean Faculty of Industry and Energy Technology. During his tour, the president emphasized commitment to controls of conducting tests, creating a suitable environment for students inside the testing halls, in addition to providing them with amenities, safety, and support and maintaining the calm and discipline of the testing halls under strict precautionary measures to prevent the Coronavirus.

Dr Nada also followed up on the presence of the teaching staff, specialists and observers within the testing halls to answer students’ inquiries and questions, solve any problem that arises during tests, and ensure the clarity and quality of the question paper so that students can take exams easily.

The President of the University listened to some of the students’ opinions regarding the level of tests aiming to test their cognitive abilities in the field of computers, the English language and mathematics, as Dr Nada affirmed that the registration process is done through the admission office’s website to facilitate students, stating that the students should register through the link Where the procedures are facilitated for them to take the tests in the specified places and dates.

The president of the university indicated that the university allocated a hall to display introductory videos about technological universities, in addition to answering students’ questions about technological universities, the programs available there, the admission system and the nature of study there.