Beihang University (China) 70th Anniversary Celebration A New Journey for the Dream of the World——”Vision High-end Forum” Space and Earth Science Special Session Held

Beihang News Network, November 14th (Correspondent He Renjie) On November 12, 2022, Beihang University’s 70th anniversary celebration academic series “Vision High-end Forum” – Space and Earth Science Special Session was held at the Shahe Vision International Cultural Exchange Center. The forum invited academician Gu Yidong of the Space Application Engineering and Technology Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician Guo Huadong of the Aerospace Information Innovation Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician Li Xianhua of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician Wang Chi and researcher Shen Xuhui of the National Space Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the National Center for Satellite Meteorology. Researcher Wang Jinsong made a special report. Academician Wang Yunpeng, President of Beihang University, Professor Lu Weifeng, Vice President, and heads of Personnel Department, Science and Technology Research Institute, and Development Planning Department attended the forum. The forum was held simultaneously in the main venue of Weishi and three branch venues in the school. The person in charge of the School of Space and Environment, and all the teachers and students of the Department of Space Science participated in the forum. The forum was chaired by Professor Cao Jinbin, Dean of the School of Space and Environment.

Lu Weifeng delivered an opening speech for the forum. He said that the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clarified that education, science and technology, and talents are the basic and strategic support for building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. Science development ideas, vigorously promote the innovation and development of space and earth science. In recent years, Beihang Space Science has embarked on a path of rapid development. It has continued to improve its scientific research capabilities focusing on the frontier and cultivate top-notch talents for pioneering and innovative industries, and has achieved a number of representative innovations. It is hoped that through this forum, facing the international academic frontiers and the country’s major strategic needs, we can jointly seek strategies for building a world-class space and earth discipline with aerospace characteristics, and discuss the talent training plan for basic disciplines such as space and earth science, and continue to accelerate Contribute to Beihang University by building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics.

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Academician Gu Yidong gave a report titled “Progress in Space Science and Application of Manned Spaceflight Engineering”. He reviewed the whole process of my country’s manned space science missions, and introduced several representative achievements of manned space engineering, taking the construction of the space station as an example, the development and application of space science experiment facilities, and the experimental tasks of the space station during operation, etc. . He said that based on the international development trend where opportunities and challenges coexist, my country’s manned space exploration route has been determined, and he expects more scientists, teachers and students including Beihang University to participate.

Academician Guo Huadong gave a report titled “Spatial Earth Big Data Drives the Realization of Sustainable Development Goals”. He pointed out that in view of the challenges of lack of data and insufficient research on indicator systems in the field of sustainable development, data means such as satellite data reception and other space technologies can be used to assess and monitor global and regional sustainable development goals, and Enabling data sharing and open science initiatives for global sustainable development.

Academician Li Xianhua gave a report titled “Research Progress on Chang’e-5 Lunar Samples”. He introduced the research history and latest progress of Chang’e-5 lunar soil samples, such as revising the lunar thermal evolution model and raising new scientific questions. Its team lasted 100 days and published 5 Nature and Science articles on lunar soil research, showing China’s power to the world, and related achievements have also received widespread attention and high praise from international scientists.

Academician Wang Chi gave a report titled “Progress and Prospect of my country’s Space Science Satellite Program”. He emphasized the connotation and significance of space science, and introduced the Chinese Academy of Sciences Space Science Pioneer Project represented by the research missions of Wukong, Mozi, Huiyan, and SMILE, and looked forward to the extreme universe, space-time ripples, sun-earth panorama and livable space. The future planning of space science launched by the four major scientific themes of the planet.

Researcher Shen Xuhui gave a report titled “The Main Achievements and Development Thinking of Zhangheng-1 Satellite in Orbit for Five Years”. He introduced a series of research results of Zhangheng-1, such as the birth of the first Chinese model in the century-old history of global geophysical field modeling, and pointed out that Zhangheng-1 marks the expansion of my country’s space-to-earth observation from optical and microwave to For the detection of geophysical fields, my country’s geophysical detection has expanded from ground and aviation to aerospace.

Researcher Wang Jinsong gave a report titled “Application Progress of Fengyun Meteorological Satellites”. He vividly introduced the construction of the complete platform of the Fengyun satellite system including remote sensing, observation and other objectives, and also pointed out the positive changes it has brought to daily life and its key role in the fields of national meteorology and aerospace. It is worth mentioning that Fengyun The satellite also completed my country’s first space observation of the sun.

Cao Jinbin pointed out that this forum deeply discussed the development trend of space and earth science at home and abroad, and exchanged the latest progress of space and earth science. These wonderful reports have broadened the horizons of the teachers and students of Beihang University, enhanced their understanding and love of space and earth science, and will surely inspire more aspiring young people to devote themselves to the development of space and earth science.