Libya (Asmarya Islamic University) Vice-Rector

The Vice-Rector supervises the academic work in all its forms. Namely, the quality control of curricula, qualification and promotion of faculty members and the development of policies for the admission and registration of postgraduates and teacher assistants, and the keeping of academic records. The Vice-Rector is a faculty member of the University appointed by the Minister of Higher Education to hold this position and acts under the direct supervision of the Rector. One of the distinct tasks of the Vice-Rector is to monitor the academic programme and exams ensuring that both are conducted under the applicable regulations. He/She also follows up on the procedures of postgraduate studies, provides training opportunities for faculty members and employees, and facilitates the procedures of their participation in conferences, workshops and seminars following the applicable regulations. The Vice-Rector is responsible for the development and improvement of the University’s academic work and is the president of the Higher Studies Council, the Council of Quality and Accreditation, and the general supervisor of the Faculty Affairs Committee. In addition, he/she is the president of the Council of Scientific Journals of the University Faculties and the rapporteur of the Academic Regulations Review and Certification Committees, as well as the rapporteur of the Committees of Foundation of the University’s ِAcademic Departments and Units.

The following departments and offices operate under the direct supervision of the Vice-Rector: