Amirkabir University of Technology (Iran) Removal of Welding Fusion Boundary for the Transportation Industry

AUT researchers managed to eliminate the weld fusion boundaries in metal sheets used in the transportation industry using an innovative method.
“In order to remove the heat affected zone, in this research, the method of stair rolling treatment was used to produce stair sheets with different properties along its length. Using this new method in the automotive industry, it is possible to reduce the weight of material and costs of production used in the car body.” Mohammad Barahmand, a PhD graduated student of AUT, said.

A 6 months sabbatical on this research took place at Kumamoto University in Japan resulting in two ISI papers published in foreign journals. This research has not been done before.
The advisors of this project were Dr. Mustafa Ketabchi, a faculty member of Amirkabir University of Technology, Dr. Mustafa Jamshidian, a faculty member of Isfahan University of Technology, and Professor Sadahiro Tsurkawa from Kumamoto University, Japan.