Denmark (Aalborg University) First specialist in generel medicine graduates from aalborg university

The first specialist in general medicine from Aalborg University has graduated and is putting down roots as a family doctor in Thisted. This is a milestone for the university – and at the same time an important step towards alleviating the shortage of general practitioners in the region.


By Sofie Møller Thames, Press Consultant, North Denmark Region. Translated by LeeAnn Iovanni, AAU Communication

Milestone for North Jutland

Since the medical programme started in Aalborg twelve years ago, the hope has been that the programme can help attract and retain doctors throughout the region. Now, the first specialist in general medicine from Aalborg University has graduated and is helping to make this hope a reality by establishing himself as a general practitioner in the region.

– I live locally, educate myself locally and also want to work locally. So I’m now opening a clinic in Thisted, says 38-year-old Morten Falshøj Pedersen.

During his specialist training, he was in a one-year introductory position in Thy, and it was there he discovered the area.

– I’ve had good relationships with the other junior doctors, and this has made for good colleagues and a good network in the area. And just as importantly, I get along well with the residents of Thy and their calm mentality, so I think I fit in well as a family doctor in the area, says Morten Falshøj Pedersen, who lives on Mors.

I really appreciate that my education helped to influence me in this direction


Need for more general practitioners in North Jutland

Morten Falshøj Pedersen’s decision to stay in Thisted is a source of joy and pride both at the university and in the region.

– This shows that our regional medical programme is incredibly important for us to be able to get the general practitioners we need in North Jutland in the future, says Lars Hvilsted Rasmussen, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Aalborg University that is home to the medical programme. He continues:

– The university has a very close collaboration with general practice in North Jutland where the medical students spend periods during their education. In my opinion, the likelihood that our students choose to settle in the region increases when they have already built a network of colleagues as well as patients.

– I hope that over the coming years more general practitioners will choose a working life here in North Jutland; we need them. The general practitioners are the best primary healthcare option for patients – and at the same time, general practitioners help ensure equality in health in all parts of North Jutland, so that patients in villages as well as in large cities have access to good medical care, says Mads Duedahl (Liberal Party, Venstre), Regional Council Chair.

Further information

  • It takes six years to graduate from the medical programme as a doctor. You can then train to become a specialist, which takes up to six more years. Specialist training in general medicine allows you to become a general practitioner.
  • When the medical programme at Aalborg University was established in 2010, there were 50 study places. Today there are 179 study places. So far, a total of 391 students have graduated with a Master’s degree in medicine from the university.
  • Thursday, 1 September, Lægerne Bølgen i Behandlerhuset Dokken opens in Thisted. Morten Falshøj Pedersen and Søren Kæseler Andersen run the clinic as a partnership.


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Lars Hvilsted Rasmussen, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University


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