Mustansiriyah University(Iraq )Mustansiriyah University Council holds its fourth regular session

Mustansiriyah media 9-11-2022

Today, Wednesday, Mustansiriyah University Council held its fourth session for the academic year 2022-2023, headed by the President of the University, Prof. Hamid Fadel Al-Tamimi, and in the presence of all members of the Council, during which a number of issues related to the scientific and administrative aspect of the university were discussed, in addition to the topics included in the meeting’s agenda.

During the session, the President of the University affirmed his support for everything that would advance the educational, cultural and societal process, foremost of which is building the university student and refining his personality, and working in a team spirit in the higher education and scientific research system, and this was confirmed by His Excellency the Minister of Education, in order to consolidate the educational process and obtain the outputs that  Embody the actual response to the requirements of sustainable development.

Al-Tamimi referred to the council’s aspirations to provide all forms of support to develop the university’s plans and seek to improve the university’s classification to reach advanced ranks in the international classification sites and its strategic objectives towards achieving its vision and mission, and deepening its achievements at various academic and research levels, through stimulating legislation, and overcoming difficulties in order to  Empowering their own capabilities to achieve their aspirations and goals.

The attendees reviewed a number of important files, including the admission plan for graduate studies and study leave controls, as well as the percentage of the dissemination of scientific research in Scopus containers for faculties and centers, the mechanism for accrediting scientific journals in containers, the evening study admission plan, as well as the axis of administrative affairs at the university.

The session witnessed a discussion of the promotion of a number of teachers in the university’s faculties according to scientific ranks according to the conditions and controls in force in scientific promotions, in addition to the creation of the Department of Microbiology in the College of Science and the creation of a doctorate in the Department of Computer Science.