UAE (University of Dubai) UD Holds Its Annual Awarding Ceremony

The Department of Students Services at the University of Dubai (DSS – UD) held its annual Awarding Ceremony at the View – The Palm to reward  outstanding students and recognize their accomplishments for the year 2021 -2022.

More than 19 students received tokens of appreciation, trophies and certificates from UD President Dr. Eesa Bastaki and Chief Operations Officer Dr. Nasser Al Muraqab who attended the event to show their appreciation and gratitude towards the students.

The event took place at the Dome in Nakheel Mall in which students had access to the “View Experience” on the 52nd floor and enjoyed the interactive rooms after the ceremony.

The opening speech was delivered by Acting Director of DSS Mr. Haitham Al Maaini who said: “Every year we award our students with trophies and medals as a token of appreciation for their involvement in the non academic activities. More than 100 events were organized and participated in during the academic year. At UD we encourage our students to get involved in extracurricular activities to gain new skills and be a productive community member.”

During the event, the Debate Club received the Best Club trophy. Its President Tarik Hindash, Vice President Mohamed Ahmed and member Zainah Alsaht were also awarded with certificates of appreciation. 11 students received trophies of High Achievement, namely; Saeed Jaroor (Emirati Club President), Ahmad Bawazir (Emirati Club VP and UDSU President), Tariq Hindah (Debate Club President & UDSU Colleges Rep.), Mohamed Ahmed (Debate Club VP& UDSU Colleges Rep.), Sara Barzanji (UDSU Media Team), Shahed Elshehabi (UDSU Media Team & Egytian Club member), Amira Sulaiman (UDSU Treasurer), Basel Khalaf : (Palestinian Club President), Abeer Qasem (UDSU Event Coordinator & Happiness Club President), Ahmed Alrazi (UDSU President),  Mohamed Ehab (event Coordinator and Egyptian Club President).

7 students received trophies of  UD Volunteering Ambassadors namely; Rubalavanyan Vamadeva: (Environmental and Debate Clubs’ Member), Ahmad AlSawad (Graduation and various UD Events),  Lisa Marcheselli (Graduation and various UD Events), Chahed Chouihna (Graduation and various UD Events), Yousef Ahmed (Graduation and various UD Events), Malak Souyeb (Graduation and various UD Events), and Mohammad Almar  (Graduation and various UD Events).